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Autism Consulting Team will provide leadership in preparing and advocating for your child's next district Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meeting or Regional Center Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individual Program Plan (IPP).

At Autism Consulting Team we believe in the IEP process, as it can be an amazing element of support and/or change. In no other venue of the special education realm does each party have more opportunity for valid input towards a common goal in supporting each student’s unique needs; however, we acknowledge that for a variety of reasons, the IEP process may not always work effectively. In such instances, it can be the source of a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety for all involved parties..

Too often, parents in their quest to do everything they can for their children, will seek out legal representation too early. Though Autism Consulting Team understands and applauds this drive, there is likewise a need to preserve resources and support the process rather than take away from its intended spirit. Premature attorney involvement in an IEP may actually limit the team’s ability to openly and creatively discuss possible options for addressing specific concerns, or may otherwise negatively affect the tone and direction of the meeting.

At Autism Consulting Team, we will fill the role of educational specialists at any point in the IEP continuum. Autism Consulting Team is able to do this without negative impact to the spirit of of the IEP process through our varied and unique knowledge base and experience with the very process we seek to support. Autism Consulting Team will collect information as to the true educational needs of the child and provide expert input in determining if concerns and requests are likely to be confirmed as the process continues in order to secure the most appropriate package of supports and services for each individual. Often this can be done more expeditiously and in a more cost effective manner as compared to hiring legal representation early in the IEP process. Autism Consulting Team is able to offer support in strengthening requests by concretely demonstrating educational need and explaining not only the impact on the student but successfully working in the spirit of collaboration to resolve differences.

Drawing from multiple years of experience in the classroom and special education administration - in both public and nonpublic , SDC and Inclusive settings - Autism Consulting Team truly understands the school-based model of determining appropriate and relevant special education services. Its founder has sat in virtually every seat of the IEP process - as an administrator, general education teacher, special education teacher, autism specialist, advocate, friend, and will soon do so as a parent as well.

Support can be given at any time during the meeting process, This is our most popular service (with the exception of C.A.M.P.) and one of our most rewarding, as we work with you to ensure that your child’s needs are kept at the forefront of all team discussions.

Similar services are also available to support Regional Center’s Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) Meetings and Individual Program Plan (IPP) Meetings as well. (Return to top)


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